2006/2007 Movie Reviews for Parker Colorado

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WOW I just watched United 93.

At first I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, it seemed low budget, no stars, the script seemed amateurish.. and then the more you watch it, the more you realize… this is VERY REALISTIC… the hero’s involved in that plane.. were just regular people… who didn’t have script writers, didn’t have special effects scenes, didn’t have a “something bad is going to happen” music track… and it ended with a blank screen… silence… and noone in the FULL theater in Parker, moved, breathed or said a word for quite some time… I can’t say I enjoyed the movie.. because of course it brought back the events loud and clear.. but it was an important movie…



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  1. Net Chick

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  2. Anonymous

    United 93
    Claudia Puig

    United 93 is an unflinching, powerfully visceral and haunting portrait of the tragic events aboard one of the terrorist-commandeered flights on the fateful morning of Sept. 11, 2001.
    Painstakingly researched from reports of flight recordings, air traffic controllers and aviation officials, as well as cellphone calls made to family members by some of the passengers, it is undeniably the most gut-wrenching and captivating film released this year.

    What writer/director Paul Greengrass has re-created is not only the devastating human drama aboard the flight but also the reaction of authorities on land as they become acutely aware of – and powerless to stop – the horror of the developments.

    Filmed in real time and shot with handheld cameras, it has the urgency and grit of a documentary rather than a big-studio movie. We will never know exactly what transpired aboard that flight, but United 93 gives us an educated guess.

    The response of the passengers is not always courageous and inspiring; some cried or shrank from acts of bravery. But it always is riveting. Though the film doesn’t attempt to soften the painful blow, it emerges as a viable memorial to the 44 people on board, several of whom tried to fight the terrorists.

    The cast is a revelation. Greengrass wisely chose to use a half-dozen of the real players to augment the sense of verisimilitude. Most noteworthy is Ben Sliney, in charge of the FAA’s command center, who helps make the story feel revealing and accurate.

    The director’s choice of unfamiliar actors, as opposed to stars, to play the passengers and crew also adds to the sense that we are watching real people fight for their lives.

    Greengrass was an inspired choice for a believable and harrowing depiction of that awful day. The British director created one of the most entertaining and intelligent action movies in recent memory, 2004’s The Bourne Supremacy, and 2002’s emotional cinéma vérité-style film Bloody Sunday, a chronicle of Irish demonstrators killed by British troops in 1972.

    Like Bloody Sunday, United 93 is palpably tense and uncomfortable to watch but nonetheless compelling. The film also is terrifyingly suspenseful, especially since we know the outcome. But it’s not the denouement that keeps us transfixed. It is the exploration of events that lead to it that shatter our emotions and mesmerize us.

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  3. paker mom

    I saw Lake House on Saturday with a group of ladies from church. It was awesome, very romantic and of course with Keanu Reeves… there was eye candy regardless! Very well written and left you wondering about a few things after.

    I recommend it for a great date movie, ladies night out or mom/daughter day.

    I thought this movie would be cute, but I didn’t expect to fall on the floor laughing. Definately the new high to beat for musicals!

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