2007 – 2008 Restaurant Reviews for Parker Colorado

I visited the new Sports Bar in Parker, located in the Parker Station building on Mainstreet.. replacing the Parker Station restaurant, and the short lived Potters there as an anchor restaurant. I found the food great, service quick and friendly, love the new atmosphere and the fact that it’s a non-smoking establishment. They are going to start having some entertainment according to the bar tenders, so I hope this place makes it.

Please feel free to leave a review of this restaurant or any other’s in the Parker Colorado area.

This was the most popular thread on the blog in 2008.  I started a new Restaurant Reviews for Parker in 2009 here



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33 responses to “2007 – 2008 Restaurant Reviews for Parker Colorado

  1. Briarboys

    Jocks and Jills is a great place to eat! Not your typical bar fare! There are great things on the menu! Love all the TV’s and is very kid friendly!

  2. Anonymous


    For an incredible dining experience check out BBs Bristro and Bar. My brother-in-law travels the world and eats at the finest restaurants. We took him to BBs for his birthday and he was very impressed with BBs. There were four in our group and we ordered four different dishes and ended up sharing bites. Incredible food!

  3. Wine Nut

    Vines… on Mainstreet..

    They have a great happy hour with 1/2 price wine and well and great tapas style food (small portions) it can get pricey.. but it’s excellent.. I recommend the mushrooms! and the Sangria.. WOW…

  4. tooleyjane

    If you want incredible service check out Old Santa Fe Mexican grill. Look out you other places. This restaurant knows how to train the wait staff!!!

  5. Matt Blogomon

    WOW! I’ve worked in the restaurant business for 10 years and currently market one of the best and fastest growing fast casual chains in the country. My wife also works in the restaurant biz.
    We took her Mother to bbsbistro…HUGE MISTAKE. The food is overprice and even the owners are overly pretentious about what they serve. If you don’t like what you ordered, they will try and talk to you into why you should! Ridiculous.
    The only good thing about bbs is their piano and bar. Avoid the dining area. If you do go in, check out the floor. I think its old carpet from my college dorm room?
    I am amazed that this place is still in business. They do most everything wrong.
    Don’t go.

  6. Matt Blogomon

    BBS Bistro is overpriced with interesting food, poor service and pretentious owners. I will never go back and will blog about this freely so that others don’t make the same mistake we did.
    My wife and I (both whom work in Marketing for large fast casual restaurant companies) took her Mother there.
    The fish tasted strange to all of us. But the owner insisted it had been flown in that day. My questions is this: WHO CARES? If your guests don’t like it you should oblige them. I never send anything back and was appalled at how we were treated.
    The only good thing about BBs is the bar and piano. If you must eat there, please note the tragic decor and carpet/flooring in the dining room. Its like a college dorm.
    YUCK…save your money…

  7. Anonymous

    Acctually after reading all these comments you missed the best place in Parker,Co.The Tailgate Tavern,It is more than a tavern they have the best food in town and at great prices.If you want good food without all the frills stop and enjoy..

  8. Haski

    For the best steak or burger in Parker I would be going back to the Tailgate Tavern.The prices are great and there are no frills just great food and hospitality..I was there unexpectedly for 3 weeks last summer and got the best food there of any place on main st.

  9. Anonymous


  10. Anonymous

    We did enjoy our meal at Jocks And Jills.Drinks and food were perpared well.Service was great,and done with great care.Music that night was Joe For Nothing,which was like like listening to a radio station,everything was a cover.Whats up with the Dad being in the band.It reminded us of The Partridge Family at an LDS convention.But everything else was great…..

  11. Anonymous

    We had a nice dinner at Jock and Jills.They had very comfortable booths,and treated our family well.The music though,was hard to listen to.The acoustics were horrible.I dont think they care about how the band sounds in that small area..It must be hard for the management staff to pull in good bands.Great experence though..

  12. JAL

    I have to agree with Matt Blogomon, BB’s Bistro is a horrible restaurant! Both times we ate there we had bad food! The owner reminded me of a used car salesman and made no attempt to correct the problems with our food. The BEST dinner in town is at Vines Wine Bar, the food, drink and service are all excellent! The owners there are really great and work hard to please everyone!

  13. Anonymous

    BBs Bisto was terrible, bar tender was rude and talking about everyone that worked there and obviously did not like owners. Food was not very good, I’m from Aurora and visit friends there, go to Vines (outstanding, pricey but worth it), Tailgate(good food, locals place), Cafe Monet(hidden special)…theres lots better. JB

  14. Kiko53

    Vines on Main street, a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for, great wines, drinks, beer (bottles), atmospere, and fantastic American style tapas (chosen by several publications as number one wine bar in Colorado) Lee and Shari plus staff are the best.

  15. lotsalove

    tooleyjane gave Old Santa Fe a good review, but I say DO NOT go there! If you like tomato sauce for salsa, this is your kind of place! If you do decide to try it out, do not order their nachos. Unless you like shredded cheese on your chips and then popped in the microwave…Taco Bell does it better than that!! We ordered a grilled steak smothered burrito, sounded great but were very surprised on how small the thing was for $10. They must have put about 5 small pieces of steak….Chipotle does it better than that, and more for your $$! Believe me, we don’t care too much for fast food, but the places we named above are actually better. We all give OLD SANTA FE our thumbs DOWN!

  16. Anonymous

    For those who responded that Jock’s and Jill’s has the best steak in Parker, you obviously have not been to Trapper’s. I love steak, but have never had steak I liked at a restaurant until I went to Trapper’s. If you go, definitely try the ‘Romancing the Stone’ steak dinner. I’ve been there 3 times since it opened and have gotten that every time, but with different meat cuts. What an experience!

  17. akbar jaffer

    We eat at Indochine all the time. The owner Jeff is always friendly. Awesome food. When we travel we often go to Thai restaurants, but the food here is hard to beat. Try it out!!

  18. M&M

    I also would not suggest Old Santa Fe.I went there twice and the wait staff was not friendly or attentive. The second time I went there it too a little while to be seated even thought he place was empty mainly because the staff was hanging out in the back and didn’t notice we were there. After we were seated and waiting for almost 10 minutes ,we had to actually get up and find someone to take our order since no ever came around.Not exactly an enjoyable experience. I don’t go to many of the restaurants in Parker but Johhny Carino’s has good food and the staff is very nice.

  19. Anon

    BB’s Bistro was perhaps the worst restaurant I have ever eaten at. My husband and I ate there over the past weekend, and we were NOT impressed by the food. The Caesar”salad” they served was yellow; not one green leaf anywhere. The steak was decent, however the side that came with it was some “bean ragu” concoction which tasted as if it were dished right out of the can, and had been sitting out all day with absolutely NO flavor added. It was so inedible I could not finish it. The vegetables were a blend of yellow and green beans which, again had no flavor. The only thing saving this restaurant from complete failure is the band.

  20. young b

    First of all I feel like I should call the police and file a report for being ripped off. I really should have done a search on the internet for reviews for this restaurant. Looks like they have nothing but negative reviews.
    I decided I wanted to go out and eat and my girlfriend had already eaten. So to me a quick bite at a burger joint would have sufficed. I’ve been meaning to head to BB’s Bistro but just hadn’t the time since moving into the area. Well we decided to give it a try and head there on a Friday night.
    This place is trying to be something it is not, that of a high class restaurant. The restaurant is split into two sections, one for dining and one for music with bar tables to eat and drink. The guy playing music on his guitar really needs to take lessons or learn how to play the songs he is trying to copy off the radio.
    We were taken to be seated. I explained to the waitress that my girlfriend had already eaten and I was the only one to dine. Well I guess that tipped her off as ‘this guy has seen the prices and can’t afford to feed both’. Not true at all, we spend about $50-$100 every Friday night and I tip at least 20% against those who actually tip 15% for good service. I take home triple digits. If anything, the WAITRESS, who is probably in her 30s like me, should not judge a book by its cover. Remember, I’m not the lowly waitress, I’m the guy making triple digits a year. The prices for the food selection is ridiculous considering the selection is very small. I had a 10 ounce sirloin which was not cooked the way I asked and tasted horrible. The green peas served with the dish was awful and tasted old. The mashed potatoes tasted somewhat okay but how can you really mess up mashed potatoes when all you are doing is mixing water with starch. The complimentary bread they bring out definitely should be that, complimentary, because the bread tastes very old. My sirloin dish costed $20. A glass of cola was $1.75 in a SMALL GLASS.
    Service stinks. The waitress must have walked by at least 5 times before I asked her to give me a refill on my drink considering it must be an 8 ounce glass half filled with ice but AGAIN, I’m the customer who saw the menu prices and can’t afford it.
    Again, this place tries very hard to make it an upscale place but you can only fool a customer once. You can plaster the place with fake looking expensive art and hire some retired guy to play music but that is all you can do.
    I am very surprised after reading all the online reviews that this place is still open for business. The people there looked like pretentious wannabe rich people. The guys looked like they were in their 40s, newly divorced with their dates they found on Yahoo Personals trying to impress them with money they don’t really have.
    This place will close down soon. There can only be so many NEW first time customers in Parker and Parker isn’t that big.

    Do a Google search, ‘bb bistro parker, colorado’. You’ll see nothing but negative reviews.

  21. Anonymous

    The War Horse Inn:

    My husband and I had our wedding reception here and couldn’t believe the amount of difficulty we had with working with the owner. We have refused to go back since being treated so rudely and so harshly. I would not recommend anyone having a reception or party at this restaurant. Be Aware, Your in for a treat. How has he stayed in business for so long?

  22. Alyssa

    Tonti’s Pizza:

    The BEST pizza i’ve ever had! If you havent been there, your needing to go ASAP!!!!

  23. J

    3/7/08 Trapper’s Steakhouse: Not a place for a birthday party for 20 people. The manager, Logan was very rude complaining he had to put his children in daycare to shop for the (gluten free) food we had requested which did not happen. Tried to charge more for the appetizers than what was agreed upon.
    This was not a pleasant experience.

  24. WOW, that’s surprising, I’ve always found that to be a great very romantic spot.

  25. finediner

    I would have to agree with some of you about that Santa Fe Grill place, the food there was horrible! I haven’t tried BB’s Bistro but from the looks of it I’m not going to!

    I do however love THE VINES! They have an amazing tapas selection and their mango martini is to DIE FOR!

  26. finediner

    Oh and one more thing…I loved loved loved The Hickory House! Some of the best BBQ I’ve had.

  27. Parker Native

    So apparently I’m not the only one that was baffled by Bb’s somehow staying in biz as long as it has. But to finally bring some much needed closure to the of priced, over pompous crowd that has become bb’s I’m glad to say it finally closed down. In fairness to the cooks however I’ve eaten in there on several occasions and more often then not the food was fine. I agree the green/yellow beans sucked but I’m not exactly what you’d call a health nut. Just goes to show you what happens when a good idea (atleast on the surface) is miss managed and driven into the ground like a crashing 747.

    I will defin agree though that Vines is a great place to chill out in a good atmosphere with great tapas. The only downside to me is that they usually always have live music (don’t get me wrong I like live music) thats a little to loud for the room. Other than that and thats being critical the place is fantastic like it was said earlier it’s not cheap but you def get great service and vibe for the money.

    And I agree the Hickory house has great food/BBQ as well.

  28. Anonymous

    The War Horse Inn…

    it fantastic! The food is great! the service is amazing at the waitors are very polite. the greatings at the door are one of my favorite parts. i deffinently recomend this resteraunt!

  29. susan

    I had dinner with a friend at Guadalajara’s restaurant on Monday August 18th. I gave them my debit card for my half of the bill and my friend gave them cash. They charged my card for the whole amout, took the cash my friend left and also a very nice tip. This server ended up with over $30 cash from us and still charged my card the whole $43 of our tab. I have called them 3 times and they tell me they have credited my card, but it hasn’t shown up yet and my bank is very quick about this type of situation. They sure charged my card fast enough and got their money within 2 days. It has been 8 days and I am still waiting for my credit. The food and drinks were great, too bad they didn’t handle the rest of this as well.

  30. New to Parker

    I can’t believe that nobody has rated THE BEST restaurant in Parker, Junz!! This place is amazing! Best sushi I’ve ever had, excellent service, warm and authentic atmosphere. They also have the best fillet mignon I’ve ever tasted. Compared to other high-end sushi restaurants I’ve been to, this place has reasonable prices with excellent quality fish. I tried Trappers and their steak was exactly what I was afraid of, average hotel steak quality. Whenever my boyfriend and I are wanting to go out to celebrate an occasion, there is only one option in Parker, Junz!!

  31. Ron

    I agree that Junz is the best sushi, not only in parker, but almost anywhere in the Denver area

  32. Anonymous

    JUNZ JUNZ JUNZ is there any better sushi? I don’t think so!