Parker Colorado Survives the Blizzard of 2006

Tell me your horror stories, or stories of heroism that happened during your Holiday Blizzard Experience.



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4 responses to “Parker Colorado Survives the Blizzard of 2006

  1. Frustrated with MANAGEMENT!!

    I live in the Briargate Apartments near Mainstreet and Parker Road, and was very disappointed in their efforts to clear snow. They didn’t even call in a real truck to remove snow until Christmas Eve! and the sidewalk to the apartment entrances were never shoveled!!!

    Some LUXURY apartments!!!!

  2. Linda

    This is a sweet story… a note was posted all around my apartments which was thanking a man that helped his Mom dig her car out of the snow.

  3. Anonymous

    I am astonished at the lack of side street plowing – hurry and get these streets worked on before the next storm tomorrow night!!!

  4. Anonymous

    For snow removal, contact Todd Nielsen at 303-483-5878. Dec 28, 2006