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New to the area? Moving to Parker? Looking for a great preschool? Church? Place to fix your car? Ask the experts! People who live right here in your home town!



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  1. moved here last year!

    Where do you get the discount tickets for the carnival for the Parker Festival in June?

  2. Anonymous

    I am looking for Ellen Perry Powell. She lives somewhere in the Parker, CO area. She graduated from Lee High School in Springfield, VA in 1967. We are looking for her to let her know about our class reunion in October. She should contact andy_ogletree@amsec.com

  3. nicole

    I have a daughter who is turning 4 this summer. I am trying to find info on local preschools for her. Any help would be appreciated. I am looking for something part time (a few days a week, for just a few hours, not all day), and something not that expensive. Thanks


  4. Parker Colorado

    You can usually get those discount tickets from the Parker Chamber of Commerce located in the Town Hall on Mainstreet and Pine Drive.

  5. Mom in Parker

    I had my kids at Joyful Mission Preschool… attached to the Joy Luthern Church just North of Mainstreet on Pine Drive, we love it and it has half day programs TT/MWF mornings or afternoons.. also the Methodist church has a preschool, the luthern church by the pinery and South East Christian Church on Jordan just north of Lincoln.

    I’ve heard good things about all of those, and none of them are high priced. The montesorri school is pretty high priced from what I understand.

    hope that helps.

  6. Vic

    I would like to know if the houses in Stroh Ranch, Parker are made with Masonite OMNIWOOD or Masonite HARDBOARD siding. Thanks so much!

  7. Vic

    I would like to know if the houses in Stroh Ranch, Parker are made with Masonite OMNIWOOD or Masonite HARDBOARD siding. Thanks so much!

  8. Anonymous

    Where is the country carnvial this year? I’m not from Parker

  9. Net Chick

    It’s right on Parker and Mainstreet.

  10. Christina

    Hi Chrissy!

    I am new to the Denver area and was trying to figure out how trick or treating is handled here. I see a lot of retailers advertising safe indoor trick-or-treating. Do children go from house to house here on Halloween? Is there a designated time in the City of Parker ?

    Just doing my research to see how much candy I should buy! 🙂

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Christina from Cleveland

  11. Christina Proulx

    I live in California, in the Bay Area. I’ve lived here my whole life. Some friends of ours moved to Highlands Ranch a few months ago and I went to visit them. Having never been to Colorado before I was so impressed with the area! I totally loved it so now my husband and I are considering moving out there because financially things are very rough out here. There’s no way we could afford to buy a home out here. So anyway, I was wondering how Parker is similar or different from Highlands Ranch? What do you residents like or not like about it? How are the schools? Are any of you California transplants?

  12. T.Vance Watt

    My Wife and family are considering moving to parker for her our move towards bettering our lives and i would love to know what the school’s are like and the crime rate is thanks

  13. To Christina, Parker is similar in that most of the area if fairly new, almost every retail store is new within the last 15 years, with a new STAPLES, KOHLS, SUPER TARGET etc being built in the last couple of years. However Parker does have alot of history and some cool “olden days” stuff because Parker was the 20 Mile Stage Coach stop off to Denver. So you will find homes and barns and things that date back to the cowboy and indian days. There are ton’s of California Transplants, and as long as you don’t come out to Colorado and talk about how backwards we are, and how slow things are you should get along fine. Colorado definately isn’t California so don’t come here expecting it to be.

    Parker is more of a “small town” feel while Highlands Ranch was built by California developers to be like California housing areas.

    Schools in both places are great, lots of options, charter schools, private schools, both are in the Douglas County School district so they have similar adjustments.

    There are a bunch of links to the Parker Schools and the Douglas County School district on the http://www.parkercolorado.net site under the Education link.
    Hope that helps.

  14. to Vance:

    I have raised my two girls now 18 and 21 in Parker, and have loved it. It is a very family oriented town, and if you’ve visited the website for this blog you can see all the activities that are available for kids and families. Lots of recreation activities and active church youth groups seem to keep the kids pretty busy.

    There really is no crime rate to speak of. There is some teenaged vandelizm.. probably the biggest thing that comes up in domestic violence on the “crime sheet” in the newspaper. We also publish the names of anyone that is a Parker Resident that gets a DUI in the local newspaper, so that’s a pretty good deterrant for most people.

    There are lots of options for schools, and some are very different from the norm. If that is very important to you, you should research the differences and your preferences so you can buy your home within that school district. There are charter schools also that have no geographical boundaries, but do usually have waiting lists.

    There are two highschools right now, so that makes for some good cross town rivalry. Each of them have their strong points and weak points.

    I hope that helps.


  15. nikki

    After doing lots of research on parker, our family is planning to move from louisiana to parker. I have a few questions that i can’t find answers to, though. How is the snow? It never snows in la, we’re lucky if the temp goes down to 80, so is there anything we should know or be prepared to deal with? How is the weather in the spring, summer and fall? How far is it to ski?

    Also, what kind of health care facilities are there in the area? Hospital, home health services, etc.

    Last, but not least, what neighborhoods are recommended for a family consisting of kids ages 10, 5, and 2.
    Any advice or suggestions are appreciated!

  16. Christina Proulx

    Thanks, Chrissy, for the info. One of the things that is appealing to us about CO is a slower pace and more family oriented areas and better schools. So we’d actually be hoping to find that. I think I did like Highlands Ranch though because it didn’t feel too much different from home(CA). Living in too small of a town might be a bit of a culture shock to me, but it might be good too, who knows! But I don’t know how I would do with snow…

  17. Well, there is definately plenty of snow in both places! lol 🙂

  18. To Nikki,

    Let’s see there are two major hospitals within 10 -15 minutes, a few emergency clinics, a senior center and a senior living facility. It definately does snow here… would make for lousy skiing if it didn’t 🙂 From “downtown” Parker to the closest ski resort is about 1 1/2 hours. We definately have all four seasons in Colorado, but they meld together alot.. for instance one Thanksgiving I have pictures of us decorating the house for Christmas in Shorts and Tank Tops, and the next year we were blizzarded in… so you just never know… but NORMALLY… (not like this last winter) the snow never really sticks on the ground and for sure not the streets for more than a few days.

    If you’ve never driven in snow, I’d recommend getting an all wheel drive car, and then GO SLOW! Nothing can stop your car from skidding if you are going too fast for the conditions…

    And last but not least.. pretty much any neighborhood is great for kids, it’s a very young 30-40 something town. There is info on schools and government and recreation on the main site as well as pictures that show the different seasons.


    Look for the photo tour.

  19. Dallas

    Does anybody know of any Holiday Boutiques or Open Houses coming up? I would like to be a part of one.

    Thank you

  20. Teresa

    Is their any place in parker or castle rock that a person can stay with a camper for about a week.


  21. Kim

    We are considering a relocation to Colorado and the Parker area interests us. I have a question about how the school district handles food allergies and can’t seem to find an answer. Our son has a peanut allergy and in our school district in Michigan, many schools are peanut-free. Can anyone please tell me what provisions there are for food allergies in Douglas County schools?

  22. Mina

    Can someone give me contact information for the organizer of Parker’s Jump into Spring event in order to get information to participate as a vendor?


  23. Who can I get in contact with for booking my band at events held in Douglas County and Parker? We would like to audition for Parker Days, and other events.

    Parker, CO

  24. Karen

    What are the dates for Parker Days 2008?

  25. Parker Days is always the first weekend in June. If you want to audition or have a booth or anything else you need to go to the OFFICIAL Town of Parker Site.. There is a link on the general info page of http://www.parkercolorado.net

    Hope that helps!

    Chrissy in Parker

  26. Ken Malpas

    I am looking for a lady who may have moved to Parker 30 years ago. Her name is Suzanne Greene Daggett Bounds. Is she still in Parker?

  27. m white

    i am a local jewlery designer looking for local arts and crafts shows to show and sell my work. if you have any suggestions, or know of anything that might help, i’d sincerely appreciate it.
    thank you.

  28. Anonymous

    Don’t tell them how great Parker is!! Then they’ll come here!! We already have enough people from California here. Parker is getting too big. It’s losing it’s small-town feel. We cannot become the next Highlands Ranch!!

  29. Michele

    Hi, Chrissy! I am very interested in moving to Parker with my husband and 2 little boys. My husband and I are both teachers and I would love to know how teachers do in CO. In NY, we struggle to make ends meet because the pay is average and the standard of living is so high. Would you be able to tell me in general how your friends who are teachers do in CO? Are they comfortable or pinching pennies like we are here in NY? Also, how close are the slopes to Parker for skiing and snowboarding?

  30. Nicole

    Does anyone know a good place to go out for mother’s day brunch? Nothing too expensive but not Village Inn either.

  31. Black Bear Golf Course has great brunches (formerly Canterberry)

  32. Susan Brown:

    My 13 year old daughter wants to join a summer track team.

    I know there is one that meets in the summer at Chapparal high school,do you know how i can contact them to sign up?

  33. KC Caster

    Will there be a 2008 Concerts in O’Brien Park Sunday’s in August (1-3 p.m.) ??? Thanks, KC

  34. Movie-goer

    Where can I find a list of the movies that the 20 Mile theater is showing free on Wed. and Thursdays?

  35. I couldn’t find it online… I know they always have flyers up front, this is their phone number (303)840-2695.

  36. sandy

    Parker seems like a nice place to live. I currently do not own a vehicle, so I’m looking for a town that has public transportation. Does Parker have bus service, taxi or shuttle service? Also, is there a Senior Center?

  37. Hi Sandy, we do have a senior center which is very close to a senior residential community. These are both just on the edge of Oldtown Parker and very near the RTD Park N Ride. We don’t have Taxi services like the east coast for example.. it’s pretty rare to see a taxi here. We also have a light rail on I-25 & Lincoln and you could take buses from Parker to that to get to the DTC, Downtown… Go to Google Maps, I find they are the best and most accurate for our area and type in parker colorado 80134 and it will give you a pretty good idea of where things are…

  38. Debi Romero

    Would like to know who I would contact to place some information about a building that will be completed in fall of this year. We would like it posted on this site regarding the town of Parker/ tours.
    The name of the building is Victorian Peaks, we have a website and pictiures to send you. We also are searching for insurance companies, mortgage companies and a day care and would like to post this and we have a fulll description of the building!

  39. Hi Debi, somehow I missed this posting! Please email me at milehiweb@yahoo.com and we will see what we can come up with for advertising!

    Chris Morin

  40. Stephen Driver

    Looking for info on vendor app, fees etc on the 2009 holiday fair. Thanks

  41. Chris, Please tell me the route for the Carriage Parade on the 13th.
    Thank you.

  42. Miyoshi

    I would like to know if horse drawn carriages (pleasure only) are allowed on public roads and if so, what, if any, are the requirements?


  43. Hi Miyoshi,

    You would need to contact the Town of Parker directly.

  44. Anonymous

    I would like to know when the next
    9 news health fair van that offers
    annual pap smears and mammograms will
    be in Parker Colorado ?

  45. I re-posted this to the Q&A for 2009

    please post new comments or questions there. Thanks! Chrissy