Parker Recreation Center Youth Fitness Equipment Certification

Youth Fitness Equipment Certification

Beginning May 1, 2007 all youth ages 13 to 15 wishing to use the weight room and cardiovascular areas of the Parker Recreation Center and Parker Fieldhouse must attend a mandatory equipment certification class. Youth ages 16 to 18 are welcome to attend, but it is not mandatory for this age group. There is no charge to attend a Youth Fitness Equipment Certification.

Youth Fitness Equipment Certifications will be conducted by a certified personal trainer in groups of four or fewer. The class will cover basic weight room etiquette, rules, personal conduct, how to set up a weight program using Parker Recreation’s Cybex circuit equipment and proper use of all cardiovascular equipment. Please wear appropriate attire as you will be performing exercises on various pieces of equipment. Sandals and jeans are not appropriate attire.

To sign up for a certification session, stop by the Front Desk of the Recreation Center or call 303.841.4500. A variety of days and times will be offered. For insurance reasons, the Town of Parker requires that a parent accompany any youth ages 13 or 14 in the fitness areas of the Recreation Center and new Fieldhouse opening this summer. Therefore, we ask that a parent attend the certification class with their teen. Youth ages 15 and older are allowed to exercise without a parent in attendance. However, they must still attend a certification class.

Beginning May 1, youth ages 13 to 15 will not be allowed in the fitness areas of Parker Recreation facilities without verification of their equipment certification on their Parker Recreation identification or membership card. Don’t have a card? We will issue you a separate youth fitness equipment card which will be needed when you work out.

Please call Kim Bailey, Fitness and Wellness Coordinator, 303.805.3278 with any questions.


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