LOST Longhair Calico Cat Hidden River Parker Colorado

My name is Leslie Peters and we have lost our female longhaired calico cat in the hidden river area. She was not wearing her collar, and we are desperate to get her back! She is 2 years old and very petite. I know she can’t take care of herself. She is an indoor cat and somehow got out Sunday evening or Monday morning without us seeing. She is a calico, but she has the coloring of a tortoise shell. Anything that you can do would be so appreciated. I am a wreck right now. My phone numbers are:





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  1. Lynn

    we found a female, longhaired, petite cat in Gettysburg on Nov 2nd. She has been owned/loved and is lost/stray.
    Cats can and do get into trucks/moving vans etc and can end up across the country in just a few days.
    Pls email me a photo or give me your email as we have photos of this darling girl we are caring for…