Parker Colorado Movie Reviews 2009

twentymilestadiumtheatersLet your neighbors know what movies are good “Date Night” movies, great for kids, a waste of your NINE BUCKS…   Don’t be shy… say it like it is  Just click the comment button!



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3 responses to “Parker Colorado Movie Reviews 2009

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  2. Jim

    I thought the new Bond movie was awesome… wall to wall action, Daniel Cragg does a great job as Bond if you ever read the original books, and I watched a show about the filming and he does most of his own stunts. I’d recommend renting Casino Royale before you watch Quantum of Solace since it continues from there.

    I give it 4.5 stars ****

  3. Bill

    Just saw Taken at 20 Mile last night, it’s already moved to the smaller theaters, but it was a really good show! Very suspenseful lots of action and good acting. Would be scary for young children but would be a great one to bring your teenagers to who think that nothing bad can ever happen to them!