2009 Restaurant Reviews Parker Colorado

Lets keep up the great conversation from the previous thread on local restaurants… Don’t hold back!  Keep letting everyone know what you think of the local restaurants. Last year we pretty much agreed that Vines is a bit pricey but we still like it, BB’s was everyone’s least favorite restaurant and that’s why it closed, Indochine has nothing but great reviews,   and the vote is mixed about Warhorse,  & Trappers  so tell it like it is!



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  1. Chris

    I went to Falcon when it first opened.. I need to go back again.

    I hear they’ve hired a new chef and have $5 lunch specials and now that the Mainstreet road construction is over the outside patio space in front will be fun when the weather is nice.

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  3. Armando’s is my favorite Parker restaurant. Didn’t care for Trappers and Warhorse is so-so.

  4. I’m a fan of Moyotes on Main. Small, but super friendly and great food. Combination of Mexican and “island” fare. Mmmm…the french toast is incredible!

  5. Has anyone tried the Falcon Brewery. Great Microbrews that they brew onsite, the food is not what you’d expect at a sports bar meaning (not alot of greasy food) The sides are things like red skin potatoes (FABULOUS!) veggies, Smashed potatoes.. also fabulous! Burgers, sliders, nachos, chicken pesto sandwich , fresh chicken salad, are all things I’ve tried and they are wonderful. The staff is friendly, the owner is great and I can’t wait for great weather because the patio looks perfect! I wish they had wifi! The remodel of what used to be the section of the building that held the original Breckenridge Brewery/Parker Station restaurant is amazing. It has these great stone looking floors with the logos of the types of beer they brew. Some fun faux painting the place has a good feel to it.

  6. mbassani

    Here are a few restaurants we like:

    Old Santa Fe Mexican Grill

    Lil’ Ricci’s NY Pizzeria

    Hickory House Ribs

    Royal Panda Cafe‎

  7. I have to share my story from Moyotes tonight:

    Today is my son’s 2nd birthday. The owners, Moyo and Lynn, will make rice balls and spam for him. He loves it, and specifically requests it.

    Tonight we called ahead to let them know we’d have a larger party (since seating is limited). When we arrived, they had decorated the table for us. It was so sweet.

    My wife got the Adobada Steak. Wow, was it good. Give it a shot, and certainly eat local. Those relationships are priceless.

  8. I’ve been to Hickory House, Old Santa Fe, Anthony’s, War Horse, Lil Ricci’s, Vines, Sushi place where Beau Jo’s was (Yutaka?), and Mt. Fuji and they’re all great. I went to Falcon and the beer wasn’t so great but it was almost like it was new equipment taste in there. The place was packed and there was nothing wrong with the food.

    Having just discovered sushi about six months ago at Sasa (downtown Denver) I have to say I’m a big fan of the ?Yukataka? place on 20 mile in front of Michaels where Beau Jo’s was. Good stuff and dollar sushi is a good deal. They had some specials (dragon and volcano) which were fantastic.

  9. Lizzie

    My favorite restaurant in Parker is in an unlikely shopping center, but the food is amazing. Check out Dancing Noodle next to the library. I think it’s way better than Indochine (decent food) both in the quality of the meals and the prices. Their curries are full of flavor, but not greasy.

    I’m also a big fan of Hickory House (I will workout extra in order to have their loaded baked potato) and Vines.

  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kimono Sushi in the Safeway Shopping Center. They have a fantastic lunch special: 3 rolls + soup + salad for 9.99. Can’t beat it. Always fresh and the service is exceptional.

  11. We just had the Parker Chamber of Commerce Monthly Luncheon at the Salthouse… WOW.. what a neat place. The service was fast and friendly, the food was excellent and the portions were huge. It looks like they also have an excellent happy hour M-F 3-7 I think… Go check it out!

  12. I’ll go ahead and second Yutaka (in 20 Mile near Chili’s). They have the best Spicy Tuna roll in town.

    Other sushi places:

    Mark Pi’s (on Lincoln just east of Jordan). They have some really fun rolls. The JR, Santa Fe and Vegas are my favs.

    Yutaka: Not sure if they still do their happy hour sushi ($1/piece) but it’s still really good. Go for crab or the spicy tuna. They have some lunch combos that include soup and salad.

    Mt Fuji: Was not impressed.

    Junz: It’s been a while since I’ve had theirs. Hard to say one way or another.

  13. Chris asked me to review Cherry Village (Lincoln & Jordan near Wendy’s).

    The wife and I have been huge fans of them since they opened. Never terribly busy, so typically quiet. They are a little pricey for Asian, but the quality is there, and service is friendly (something I’ve been missing in Parker).

    They have the typical Chinese fare, as well as some other Asian flavors (Korean, Vietnam, etc). Yesterday was the first time I’ve ever tried “pho”, a Vietnamese noodle dish. A co-worker had me try it. It was wonderful.

  14. Chili_D

    I really like Armando’s in Parker, but I think the Aurora location is better. The food has more flavor an the sauces/creams are thicker.


  15. Stephanie

    Yutaka’s has great food and service at decent prices. LOVE the $1 sushi Sun-Wed. Always end up getting one of their specialty rolls too, but still a great meal for cheap!

    Also, Santa Fe Grill and Las Delicias for Mexican are my local favs, but am going to try Moyotes too.

    I found Trappers to be overpriced, food was so-so, service was under par, and air was stale and not moving. Won’t be back.

  16. Luigi

    Falcon does have WiFi there. just ask shane for the code. I love the beers there and now with the temps a bit nicer, the patio is great. Love melanie, the bartender, shes does a good pour. they are starting live trivia on march 3rd with beer and prizes. should be fun!

    I go to Yutaka all the time for 1$ sushi, a roll and some saki. best in town..

  17. Carri

    My family loves the Royal Panda Cafe for take out and delivery. Fresh food and exceptional service. They deliver on time and have the most polite drivers.

  18. Mitch – Moyotes is AWESOME! and especially the people I’d probably go there even if I didn’t like the food because you feel like you get to be part of a family right when you walk in! According to Moy there is apparently a HUGE population of Hawaiians that live in the area and they are so happy to have found Moyotes!

    Mark & Astrid, I’m so glad you two are posting I am alergic to shellfish so I never eat Sushi.. so it’s great that you 2 are letting folks know where they should go!

    Carri – I’ve never been to the Royal Panda Cafe.. I tend to stick with August Moon because I have been going there since they were tiny in the strip mall by Safeway as Egg Roll King. I’ll have to give it a try.. Thanks for reviewing it.

    This is awesome!


  19. Kate

    My favorite restaurant in Parker is The Dancing Noodle at Parker/Main. GREAT FOOD and friendly Thai owners!

  20. Anonymous

    JUNZ JUNZ JUNZ is there any better sushi? I don’t think so!

  21. Anonymous

    I can’t believe that nobody has rated THE BEST restaurant in Parker, Junz!! This place is amazing! Best sushi I’ve ever had, excellent service, warm and authentic atmosphere. They also have the best fillet mignon I’ve ever tasted. Compared to other high-end sushi restaurants I’ve been to, this place has reasonable prices with excellent quality fish. I tried Trappers and their steak was exactly what I was afraid of, average hotel steak quality. Whenever my boyfriend and I are wanting to go out to celebrate an occasion, there is only one option in Parker, Junz!!

  22. Ron

    I agree that Junz is the best sushi, not only in parker, but almost anywhere in the Denver area