6 Tips to Help Prevent Car Break ins

Simple Tips Can Help Prevent Car Break ins

Due to recent car break-ins, the Police Department would like Parker residents to use caution and take steps to prevent crime in their neighborhood.

  1. Lock all cars, whether in your garage, on your driveway or on the street.
  2. Take all valuables out of your car. Even if the doors are locked, if the criminal can see it they will break the windows to get to it.
  3. If you must leave your car on the driveway or street, ALWAYS take the garage door opener out. This little device is the key to your home; do not give it to the criminal.
  4. Always leave your garage door closed, even if you are home. Criminals have no problem going into your open garage, even if they know you are home.
  5. When retiring for the night, make sure that the door between your garage and home is locked. This will ensure that even if you forget to shut the garage door, the criminal cannot get into your home.
  6. If you are woken up by something in the middle of the night and may be the witness to one of these crimes, call 9-1-1. Trust your instincts.

For more information, call the Police Department at 303.841.9800 or email police@parkeronline.org.


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