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Workshop for Potential Parker Civic Center Users

The Town is moving forward with the design and construction of the Parker Civic Center and is seeking input from the community regarding the anticipated uses for the proposed facility. The Town would like to invite potential users and user groups to attend a community open house regarding interior uses for the Civic Center on Wednesday, March 4 at 7 p.m. at Parker Town Hall, 20120 E. Mainstreet.

The proposed 46,000 square foot facility is planned to be located in downtown Parker, near the southeast corner of Mainstreet and Pine Drive. Elements anticipated to be included in the facility include a 500-seat performance theater, a flexible space venue, public art gallery, dance studio, kitchen area, multi-purpose rooms, lobby/reception area, plus various support and ancillary spaces.

Anticipated uses for this facility include theater, dance and music activities and performances, conferences, seminars and meetings, recitals and receptions, art exhibits, youth and senior activities, community meeting rooms and instructional and demonstration classes.

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